Battery Management Systems

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Today’s highly capable batteries are empowering amazing things. From high-value service based drones and robots, to the electric motorcycles and cars that make us go, to more sustainable and secure homes and energy grids. But today’s advanced batteries cannot support these critical applications by themselves. Specialized electronics are required to monitor and manage them in order to maximize performance and customer satisfaction while minimizing use scenarios which decrease battery life or have worse consequences.

Infotronix creates modular battery management systems (BMSs) comprised of components designed and selected to maximize customer application flexibility while minimizing time to market and development costs. Please read through the BMS product path links to learn more about Infotronix’ battery management components and how these components can be leveraged to formulate systems for a diverse range of needs; whether in the lab for general research and battery development or in products that move through the air, over the road or just sit still.


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