Monitoring and Balancing Boards


Monitoring and balancing boards (MBBs) are the baseline components in modular battery management systems, encapsulating the hardware and software required for cell voltage and temperature measurement and cell energy balancing. Thoughtful MBB design enables and ensures component and system-level flexibility, extensibility and modularity.

Infotronix is focused on bringing both commodity and customer-specific MBBs to the market.  Commodity boards, those offered as off-the-shelf products by Infotronix, are designed with a thoughtful combination of features to enable a wide customer base and flexible deployment options.  Customer time-to-market for a variety of products centered around battery and ultracapacitor-based energy storage systems can be greatly reduced by leveraging these boards in proof-of-concept, prototype and full production packs.  When warranted, customer-specific MBBs can be designed both cost and time effectively by leveraging Infotronix reference hardware and software content.

Use the click-through links below to review content associated with the two passive balancing-based MBBs in production.  Note that Infotronix strategically focuses on modular BMS architectures, therefore, off-the-shelf MBBs are designed to be the baseline components in such systems.  Appropriate design decisions enable these devices and related IP to be used in a wide variety manners, from acting as the nucleus of a standalone BMS on a small pack to the battery module monitoring boards of distributed systems.

Please contact us for more information about our MBBs, including our experience with active balancing solutions.

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